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BF Hardline

  1. Date: Tue 17. Mar 2015, 21:13
  2. by: Crispy
Added Battlefield Hardline support.

Note: This a first update to provide fast Hardline support. Note that not all features are working properly yet. Please report any issues! Thank you!

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Squad Obliteration

  1. Date: Wed 4. Mar 2015, 11:40
  2. by: Crispy
Added Squad Obliteration Gamemode *

*Squad Obliteration is only available for the following maps: MP_Siege; MP_Abandoned;
MP_Resort; MP_Tremors; MP_Navals; MP_Journey; MP_Prison.

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Final Stand

  1. Date: Tue 18. Nov 2014, 12:37
  2. by: Crispy
Added XP4 Mappack (Final Stand)

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Dragons Teeth

  1. Date: Tue 15. Jul 2014, 21:28
  2. by: Crispy
added XP3 Mappack (Dragons Teeth)

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rconNET Update v1.12

  1. Date: Fri 25. Apr 2014, 16:41
  2. by: Crispy
  • added Carrier Assault mode to Votemap Plugin
  • added Carrier Assault mode to Free Slot Controller Plugin

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Naval Strike

  1. Date: Mon 31. Mar 2014, 18:24
  2. by: Crispy
Added Naval Strike maps.

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  1. Date: Fri 21. Mar 2014, 19:25
  2. by: Crispy
We are currently working on the database system. Please expect short downtimes and a database rollback to 08:00 UTC.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Database rollback completed.

Unfortunatly we could not restore the logs and player stats databases for a small number of servers (about 5%).

If your server player stats are gone, please do not ask to restore them, because we are not able to do so. Sorry for that! Stats and logs are volatile data and we can not backup them at the same frequency as the main database. Just give another player the chance to be the number one :)

kind regards
Your rconNET Team

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rconNET Update v1.11

  1. Date: Tue 18. Mar 2014, 12:36
  2. by: Crispy
  • Fixed stability problems which caused downtimes last week
  • Reintroduced Auto Pruning for rconNET Basic users (Database, Logs)

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Re: rconNET Update v1.10

  1. Date: Thu 20. Feb 2014, 02:53
  2. by: Crispy
  • Updated Stats-API
  • Added Teamkill message to TeamKillPunisher Plugin
  • Added Multi-lined messages to Weapon Limiter Plugin

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rconNET Update v1.09

  1. Date: Tue 18. Feb 2014, 12:04
  2. by: Crispy
Added Second Assault maps and Capture The Flag gamemode.

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