rconNET Admin Tools

rconNET for Battlefield Bad Company 2

What is BFBC2 rconNET?

BFBC2 rconNET is a Server-Administration-System (Admin tool) for Battlefield : Bad Company 2, devloped in JAVA and is running as a deamon on a Linux root server. "Home-Hosting" known from other Windows based Admintools is no longer necessary. Also, you don't need to download any Software! You can manage everything via a comfortable webinterface.

As an rconNET user, you can create a deamon for your BFBC2 Servers within a few clicks! You can also create subadmin accounts with limited access rights for the Webinterface.

If you are owner of a dedicated server (Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Windows), you can download and install rconNET on your server for free. If you don't own a dedicated server, you can use my hosting service for just 1,60 EUR (~2 USD) per month. Everything you need is an rconNET account. You can register for free to test rconNET instantly!

rconNET featurelist:

  • Ingame admin system with different access rights.
  • Create Subadmins for you clanmates to access the webinterface
  • Manage server settings
  • Serverinfo
  • Scoreboard
  • MySQL Player Database
  • Kick players from server
  • Move players to any team and squad
  • Chat and chatlog
  • ban/unban by name, guid or ip
  • edit maplist / MIXED GAMEMODE supported
  • voting system: votemap, votekick, voteban, voteskip
  • Server event log
  • Scheduler for different Tasks (Looped or Tiggered Say or Yell Messages, Punkbuster raw commands)
  • Highping kicker
  • Plugin system with many available plugins


  • PlayerStats (rank, statsme, top10 ....)(MySQL based, php script available!)
  • Welcome messages (admin alert)
  • Country Kicker
  • Killing Spree
  • Show Rules
  • Simple Team Balancer
  • KickBanReasons
  • YellMyKills
  • Protected Map Zones
  • Kit and Weapon Restrictor
  • KPD Kicker
  • Bad Language Kicker

Ingame Commands:

  • time //shows the time on screen (everyone can use this command)
  • nextmap // shows the upcomming map on screen (everyone can use this command)
  • maplist
  • /a [message] //private message to all admins
  • /say [message]
  • /sayto [playername] [message]
  • /yell [message]
  • /yellto [playername] [message]
  • /kick [playername]
  • /kick [playername] [reason]
  • /pbkick [playername]
  • /pbkick [playername] [reason]
  • /rban [playername] // roundban
  • /rban [playername] [reason]
  • /pban [playername] // permanent ban
  • /pban [playername] [reason]
  • /move [playername] [teamid]
  • /swap [playername] // swap a player to the other team
  • /eventeams // swap as many play as needed to balance teams
  • /kill [playername]
  • /kill [playername] [reason]
  • /nextmap
  • /restart
  • /pbraw [punkbuster command]
  • help
  • vote
  • votemap [mapname] [gamemode]
  • votekick [playername]
  • voteban [playername]
  • voteskip