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What is BF3/BF4 rconNET?

BF3 rconNET is a web based Server-Administration-System (Admin tool) for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. It is running as a deamon on a dedicated Linux server. rconNET gives you the ability to administrate your BF3/BF4 server via a comfortable webinterface. You don't need to download any Software! You can manage everything via the webinterface.

BF3/BF4 rconNET advantages

  • rconNET is easy to use
  • rconNET is running 24/7 and is always connected to your server. Ingame command are available at any time. You don't need to run a client-side Admin Tool.
  • plugins are running 24/7 on your server
  • rconNET is an all-in-one package: software, hosting, layer-server, updates, development and support
  • You can use rconNET from any internet devices including Smartphones, Tablet-PC's, ...
  • You don't need to download or install any files
  • Battlelog look and feel
24/7 connected to your gameserver
You dont need to run a client on your device

Manage Server Settings

Manage Banlist/Maplist

Manage Subadmins

Server Playerlist (Scoreboard)

Server Chat

Chat, Webinterface, Ingamecommands, Plugins...

auto pruning after 30 minutes

auto pruning after 5 days
Player Database
Database with search option to find players by Name, EA_GUID or PB_GUID

auto pruning players after 24h

Ingame Commands
basic commands only

all commands
limited to 2 messages

Unlimited number of servers
limited to 2 servers

Save/Load predefined server settings and maplists

Team Kill Punisher, End of Round Ticket Logger, Votekick/Voteban, KPD Kicker, Hall of Shame Bans, Kill Rate Kicker, Country kicker, Player Ranks, Chat Filter, Welcome Messages, Free Slots Controller, Force Squad, Advanced Balancer, Forbidden Weapons and all upcomming plugins...


BF3/BF4 rconNET Premium Pricing

  • 1 server: 2,99 EUR per month*
  • 2 server: 2,49 EUR per server per month*
  • 3-4 server: 2,19 EUR per server per month*
  • 5+ server: 1,99 EUR per server per month*

*one month corresponds to 30 days
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rconNET Premium Prepaid Cards

  • - bank transfer only

    Expiry date prediction:
    ~ 3,77 USD

    2,99 EUR

  • Expiry date prediction:
    ~ 12,62 USD

    10,00 EUR

  • Expiry date prediction:
    ~ 18,92 USD

    15,00 EUR

  • +5%
    + 1,50 EUR Bonus

    Expiry date prediction:
    ~ 37,85 USD

    30,00 EUR

  • +10%
    + 5,00 EUR Bonus

    Expiry date prediction:
    ~ 63,08 USD

    50,00 EUR