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Forbidden Weapons

by snake ยป Thu 7. Jan 2016, 11:44

Hello, I need a help regarding the prohibidas weapons I made a list of prohibited weapons, to the server of my BF4 clan if any palyer uses there he will be kicked from the server, but would like to see if they are right or wrong because sometimes she stops working because I can find no list of banned weapons you can use, if anyone can help me would be grateful, and that the list of prohibited weapons:

U_M320_3GL, U_MX25, M320_HE, M320, U_AN94_M320_LVG, U_N94_M320SHG_V1, U_N94_M320_HE_V1, U_N94_M320_3GL, U_N94_M320_FLASH_V1, U_AN94_M320_SMK_V1, U_QZB951_M320_HE, U_AN94_GP30_HE, U_AEK971_GP30_HE, U_SAR21_M320_SMK, U_SAR21_M320_HE, U_M416_320_SMK, U_M416_m320_HE, U_M416_M26_FRAG, U_M320_SMK, U_M320_LVG, U_M320_SHG, U_AEK971_M320_HE, U_AEK971_M320_LVG, U_AEK971_SHG, U_AK12_M320_HE, U_AK12_M320_SMK, U_M16A4_M320_HE, U_M16A4_M320_LVG, U_M320_HE, U_CZ805_M320_HE

Grateful for the attention.

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